WWII B 17 & B 24 Flying Fortress & Liberators ~ Set of 3 Cockpit Instrument Gauges ~ CLICK ON PHOTO FOR MORE INFO

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  WWII B-17 & B 24 Flying Fortress & Liberators

Cockpit Instrument panel gauges    SET OF 3

These authentic vintage 74 year old gauges are from actual WWII heavy bombers that were flown & used around the world during WWII. Most flew in the war for Europe. After the war they were flown and shipped from all points from around the world to be scrapped here in the USA. The only items removed from the thousands of planes before being scrapped were the propellers and the gauges.  Most of the gauges after being removed were buried deep in remote parts of the desert. Only a few of the gauges were saved and are now offered for sale until they are gone. Positioned on individual custom made  metal museum stands specifically made for the gauge.

One of the three gauges is the PDI

PDI stands for Pilot Deviation Indicator. The PDI was used by the pilot, co-pilot & bombardier to navigate to the designated bomb drop position thru the Nordon Bomb Sight.The two instruments must line up to zero before the bombs could be dropped accurately The PDI was also hooked up to the planes auto-pilot which usually was in-operable or malfunctioned during flight.  The object was to keep the plane aimed at Zero. If it strayed to the left or right the pilot would have to make manual corrections to keep the plane on zero to have a successful mission.This gauge was Top Secret  during the war. People working in the plant to make them were sworn to secrecy.

The other two gauges are an Ammeter and a double engine oil temp gauge, some have the original paint on them applied by the pilot or the planes mechanic.

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