36 Star Flag 1865 Civil War Era ~ SKU 5721

Flag Size:5’x6 1/2′ Unframed

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36 Star Flag 1865 Civil War Era  

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This is a most unusual and rare relic from the Civil War. This is a 36 star flag from 1865 that has a rare Confederate butternut blanket sewn to the back to make this a quilt. The stars must have come from a large garrison flag. Civil War era blankets are very rare but a Confederate Civil War blanket is even more rare to have. The person who saved these two items most likely was a Civil War Veteran who saved the flag and the blanket as war keepsakes. Very rare, Very unusual.   Each flag comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

The thirty-six-star flag represents the inclusion of Nevada to the Union.  Nevada was admitted on October 31st, 1864, and this flag became official on July 4th, 1865.  Nevada was originally part of the Utah Territory beginning in 1850, became its own territory in 1861, and became its own state in 1864.

The timing of Nevada’s inclusion was politically and economically based.  For political reasons, Nevada was admitted to the Union just eight days prior to President Lincoln’s re-election bid against General George McClellan.  Such timing was meant to benefit Lincoln and his fellow Republicans.  For economic reasons, Nevada was included as part of the Union to help it pay off the country’s war debts.  Economically, Nevada was particularly attractive at the time, because of its significant silver mining industry.  Nevada expanded its borders in 1866 when the western Utah Territory was added to its eastern side, and further expanded in 1867 when a portion Pah-Ute County in the Arizona Territory was added to its southern side.

The thirty-six-star flag was the official flag for the last six months of the Civil War, and was used by the military during that time.  It was also the official flag during a portion of the Reconstruction era.  The thirty-six-star flag was official until July 4th, 1867, the time at which the thirty-seven star flag became official and began to represent the inclusion of Nebraska in the Union.

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