19 Star Flag Antique / SKU 8685

Flag Size:4″x7″ Frame Size:21″x24″

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Extremely rare flag 16 stars with faint portions of 3 stars on the very top row making this a 19 Star United States Parade Flag. Four rows of four stars in each row clearly visable. However under a magnifying glass viewing, there is very slight evidence that a top row could have possibly existed (It does not appear that there is enough room for more stars to be in this area but I only point this out because of the white threads in this area exist) and possibly had three stars in this area making this possibly a 19 Star Flag (3,4,4,4,4). There are only a few remnants of tiny white threads in two places at the very top of the flag which could have been stars. It also has 14 Stripes. In any case this is still a very rare flag. It is clearly not a Centennial Flag based on the age and wear to the flag as well as how it was created and its style and design. 16 Star Flag Tennessee June 1, 1796 19 Star Flag Indiana December 11, 1816 James Monroe was President, The 5th President. Flag Size:4″x7″ Frame Size:21″x24″ Rarity Rating: [ 9 ] Rated on a scale of 1 to 10 10 being the most rare. For example, [1] rated items are the most common & lowest price. [10] Rated items are rare and the highest price we offer. Please email for price and shipping cost. Sizes are listed below the item number. Please refer to item number. Each flag comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. We only sell authentic genuine antique American Flags. All framed flags have archival framing w/UV acrylic protection. Please refer to item number when requesting Pricing. Thank you for your interest. Shipping to 48 States only.

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