39 Star Flag Quilt 1876 SKU 5541

Flag Size: 35″ x 40″ Frame Size: 40″ x 46″

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Rare Antique Patriotic 39 Star Flag Quilt 1876

Very rare one of a kind Centennial Quilt. Made from four historical and hard to find 39 Star United State Flags with rare medallion star arrangement and other scarce period patriotic textiles from the 1876 Centennial.

The flags used in the quilt were patented in 1875. This quilt was made for the 1776 – 1876 American Centennial.

The 1876 Centennial was a major event in the United States. It was actually a world’s fair where all the major countries in the world came to set up exposition buildings to feature the products they sold around the world.  This centennial event was very important for the United States as it showed the world and the major world powers that the United States was their equal.

President during this event was Ulysses S. Grant.

Very rare piece of authentic antique American Americana.

Flag size is 35” x  40”

Frame size is 40” x  46”  (Outside dimension)

Archival framing, custom made all wood frame with UV acrylic.

With Certificate of Authenticity


Purchase from a long time flag collector.



Historical Americana




Asking price, $6,950.00