Rare Antique 40 Star American Flag / #15748 SOLD

antique 40 star american flag

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Rare Antique 40 Star American Flag / #15748. Authentic antique 40 Star American Flag. SOLD

There are several star counts for American flags that are very rare and hard to find and this is one of them. The flag is made of homespun loose fine wool. It has a simple cotton hoist. It has several hand sewn repairs throughout. The flag must have been very special for the owner to keep making hand repairs as the flag was used. The fly end is quite tattered and hand sewn hemmed. The printed stars are tilted and positioned almost up side down. A most simple but beautiful antique flag.  Very impressive.

The 40th State was voted into the Union by Congress onNovember 2, 1889 and became a official State on July 4th 1890. South Dakota. Congress was going to take the Dakota territory and make one state, but the people in Dakota could don’t make up their minds which city they wanted to be the capitol of their state. With two capitol cities holding firm Congress divide Dakota into North & South Dakota making two states instead of one. So each new state got the capitol city they wanted.

Frame is 55″ wide and 37″ high

Museum framing with UV acrylic

Email to purchase; flaginfo2012@gmail.com  Historical Americana, selling antique flags since 1990.

Comes with our Certificate of Authenticity