Greatest Military Defeat In History

The greatest military defeat in the history of the World, War, Militaries and all the great armies in history. Lieutenant_General Arthur Ernest Percival of the British Army in WWII. He had the worst defeat in history.

He was charged to defend Singapore from a Japanese army attack in WWII. He had 60,000 crack British soldiers and 30,000 soldiers from the India army.

The Japanese attacked with 3,000 soldiers, Yes only 3,000 soldiers and General Percival surrendered 90,000 British troops to the 3,000 Japanese soldiers. 90,000 British controlled soldiers surrendered to 3,000 Japanese soldiers. Why?, Mr. Percival said he didn’t have enough supplies and equipment, guess what neither did the Japanese troops but they fought and did not surrender.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill said this was the worst defeat the British Army has had in the history of England.

Yes, I would agree, General Percival was not a general, he was a coward, spineless wimp.

I hope the US Army does not have any General Percival’s in its ranks.