Stage Coach Door Panel With Flag Found in Texas SKU 7268 SOLD

Flag Size:Boor Panel 15″x24″ Frame Size:31″x39″

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Stage Coach Door Panel With Flag Found in Texas SOLD

A wonderful and most unique piece of Americana. A hand painted stage coach door panel with a hand painted American Flag on the front. It is my estimation that the stage door dates from the 1880’s and the flag was applied on at some later time. The door is painted a great dark green with incredible and beautiful pin strip embellishments. I purchased the door from a gentleman from El Paso many years ago. Stage coaches were and and used up to 1920 in the west. The flag is a 45 star flag so that dates it to 1896. A great piece for a western collection or collector. Click on our AMERICANA button for more great things. Each framed item has archival framing.   Each item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.