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Rare Lincoln Last Reception Chromolithograph 1865

Very rare authentic chromolithograph by Anton Hohenstein circa 1865. Lincolns Last Reception, a lithograph of the Inaugural Ball of his second term in office. Large gathering in the East Room of The White House. Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln greet their guest. Among the recognizable faces are Vice-President Andrew Johnson, as well as member of Lincoln Cabinet, including Salmon P. Chase, William H. Seward and Gideon Welles and various Civil War Generals; including Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman. Underneath the title of the engraving are the words; “Respectfully dedicated to the People of The United States. The only other authentic period example known to exist is located in the Library of Congress of which a corner is tron off. It is in decent condition and has been preserved by a museum conservator and protected by UV glazing. The chromolithograph is coated with a layer of period varnish. This practice was common in that era to make the color image look like a painting.