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Antique Corp Badge Plaque 15th Army Corp

A rare find, US Army, 15th Army Corp Badge hand painted on Federal shaped wood plaque. Came out of a GAR (Grand Army Of The Republic, Union Civil War veterans) Post Circa 1870-1890 “15Th Corp 40 Rounds” Corp Badge. The story of how the Fifteenth Corps adopted their corps badge may be as much apocryphal as real. The story goes, however, that one day an enlisted man in the corps of Major General John A. “Blackjack” Logan was asked where his corps patch was. Clapping his hand on his cartridge box, he said, “Forty Rounds. Can you show me a better one?” Shortly thereafter Logan issued General Order No. 10 prescribing that the badge for the Fifteenth Corps should be a miniature cartridge box and above the box will be inscribed the words ‘Forty Rounds. For more info on the 15th Corp please see;