Davy Crockett Sheet Music from 1823 / SKU 4249

Davy Crockett Sheet Music from 1823

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Rare Davy Crockett Sheet Music 1823

Davy Crockett Sheet Music from 1823

Very rare and very early authentic antique sheet music for Colonel (Davy, David) Crockett of Alamo fame. Composed by; H. DIELMAN and published by; John Cole & Son of Baltimore. Davy Crockett lived from 1786 to 1836 when he died at The Alamo for Texas Independence from Mexico. It is signed but I cannot make out the signature and dated “23” for 1823.Anything antique connected to Davy Crockett is extremely rare and highly collectable. Archival framing with UV acrylic.

Some people like to buy replicas , prints and reproductions, but if you’re a real serious collector of rare Texas artifacts contact me.

For the serious collector.

Email to purchase;  flafinfo2012@gmail.com