42 Star Flag with Medallion Halo Pattern ~ 1890 SKU 9922

Flag Size:10″x15 Frame Size:24″x28″

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Extremely Rare 42 Star Double Medallion Flag A Double Wreath Flag is one of the most highly sought after star patterns displayed on American Flags today. Medallion Flags typically consist of circular wreath patterns of stars that are surrounding a central star. In this particular example not only are there two wreaths, an outer wreath of 18 stars, and an inner wreath with 11 stars- also known as Double Wreath, it is also flanked on all four corners by a trio of stars uniquely featuring a large haloed center star. Also, it is important to notice that the hoist is still remaining and that in most existing examples today the hoists are generally missing. Its interesting to note that the 42 Star Flag was never an official star count and that 42 star flags were only produced in less than a period of one year, 1889 through 1890 representing the additions of the Dakotas, Montana and Washington. During this short period of time common 42 star flags containing a pattern of 6 rows of 7 stars were produced, understanding that makes the design of this flag most rare of its period. The 42 Star Flag is printed and made of cotton. The colors on the stripes are striking with minor loss along the edge of the fly. The hoist has some minor loss along the entire edge. The canton is bold in color with some staining and slight discoloration on the upper left corner, stripes bordering the lower edge of the hoist and in the center of the flag. Overall we rate this 42 Star Medallion Flag a 9 CLICK HERE to read how we rate our Flags & Americana Measurements: Flag: 10 x 15 Frame: 24 x 28 Type: Parade Date: 1889-1890 State: Washington War: Indian Wars Item # 9922 All treasures sold by Historical Americana are Guarantee to be authentic period pieces, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a lifetime Guarantee. Framed Flags are protected by archival material and UV protected acrylic. Please refer to item number when requesting more information, pricing, shipping and condition.

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