Gettysburg Diorama Battle Painting Remnant / SKU 25771

Gettysburg Diarama Painting Remnant

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Gettysburg Diorama Battle Painting Remnant    Rare piece of Gettysburg History

Gettysburg Diorama Battle Painting Remnan

Rare painting remnant from Gettysburg Cyclorama.  A huge painting depicting the Gettysburg Battle.

 Provenance   This piece could have come from repairs made to the original cyclorama (see attached historical information) at the original Gettysburg museum. Or it could have come from “one” of the four copies of the cyclorama of which was sold to the Indians for tent material (see attached historical information).

This painting was featured on the Gettysburg National Park Service home page website until recently when it was changed to the park service emblem.

Because it was used on the National Park Service website home page, its more likely it was a cut section that was repaired on the original Gettysburg Cyclorama.

I purchased this piece from a long time civil war antique dealer and collector about five years ago.

Very rare once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of famous and historic Americana like this.

For Serious collectors

Frame size 23” x 2’ x 30”

It is in the original frame


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