Antique Photo Last Known Veterans of Texas Revolution 1836 / SKU 24600

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Antique Monumental Photo Last Known Veterans of Texas Revolution 1836

Antique Monumental Photo Last Know Veterans of Texas Revolution 1836

1906 photograph of last  known veterans of the Texas Revolution in 1836. Pictured are W. P. Zuber of Austin, J. W. Darlington of Taylor, Aca C. Hill of Oakville, S. F. Sparks of Rockport, L. T. Lawlor of Florence, and Alfonso Steel of Mexia. “We’ll rally ’round the flag boys, we’ll rally once more”. The Texas Veterans Association, an organization of those who had served prior to, during, and immediately after the Texas Revolution, held its first convention in Houston on May 13–15, 1873, with about seventy-five veterans present. After 1876 the annual meetings, held in some seventeen different Texas cities, always took place.

The State of Texas does have one of these very rare photos but its in bad condition with the corner ripped off. This in in very good condition for its age.

A major Civil War dealer said he has never seen this image in 40 years of collecting.

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