Antique 13 Star Flag Square Star Arrangement /SOLD

A Centennial Flag 13 Star Flag

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Antique 13 Star Flag Square Star Arrangement,  A Centennial Flag / SOLD

Wonderful antique 13-star flag with tons of visual character. Still has great color and condition. Flags this size are hard to come by especially one with a rare star arrangement like this one has where the stars are arranged in a square. If they were in a circle, it would be called a medallion. Also, unusual small stars. Made of course wool, canvas hoist with two handmade brass grommets. The stars are machine treadle sewn and the individual stripes are foot or hand treadle sewn. Frame is 52″x1″x37″ Great size to hang over the fireplace. Circa 1890-1900 email…

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Museum framing with UV acrylic