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Textile showing 7.25″x9.5″

Frame 20″x22″

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1824 Andrew Jackson Campaign Textile

A exceptional rare antique Presidential Campaign Textile from the 1824 Campaign for President Andrew Jackson. Made of cotton cloth with a typical “yard goods” repeating pattern portrait of  Andrew Jackson in his Generals uniform.   This finely detailed cloth print is rich in both color and design. This example is unlisted in Threads of History but the repeated image is similar to that of General Jackson in the center panel of item #70 as seen on page 78. The image seems to be a representation of the Jackson image on the early, circa 1817 Battle of New Orleans engraving by Joseph Yeager, which pictures the General in similar military uniform on page 35 of the National Portrait Gallery Tennessee State Museum’s Andrew Jackson A Portrait Study. This engraving is also pictured on pages 224-225 of The American Heritage Book of the Presidents, Number 3. The 1824 election coincided with the visit to the United States of Lafayette, and Threads has a similar circa 1824 silk bandanna design for Lafayette’s visit with similar design elements and repeating pattern. That one is labeled as probable American made rather than French imported. There are significant design detail differences and similarities between the two which make us believe that the same template pattern was used for this Jackson version and Lafayette versions so therefore made by the same company. On this example, also notice there are 13 stars surrounding the circle which enclosed the Jackson portrait which gives association of the portrait of Andrew Jackson as a Presidential candidate.  Images and portraits in any media are rare for Jackson for his 1824 campaign and this textile is considered to be most rare.

Museum framing with UV acrylic