Flag Prices and Value

Following is some information about the characteristics of an antique flag that can influence its value.

The fewer the stars, the higher the worth

Post Civil War
37 stars to 45 stars
Civil War Era
34 stars to 36 stars
Pre Civil War
27 stars to 33 stars
Early 1800's
20 stars to 26 stars
Pre 1800
13 stars to 20 stars
Post 1900-1900-2007
46 stars to 50 stars
  • The number of stars a Flag Has is an important criteria
  • Fewer the Stars, the Higher the worth and value - see the above star value chart.
  • The arrangement of the stars; straight rows, staggered, spinning or in a pattern.
    Flags with stars in a pattern can be worth 2-4 times what straight rows are worth.
  • Sewn or printed. Sewn flags can be worth at least two times more than printed. Also hand-sewn or machine-sewn.
  • Size
  • Condition
  • Fabric; cotton, silk, wool, linen, gauze, paper
  • Provenance (place of origin)
  • War Flags
  • Archivally framed and restored


Antique flags for sale Featured Item -   13 Star Medallion With Painted Stars

13 Star Medallion With Painted Stars

Antique 13 Star Medallion Banner with painted stars.

It has a border of woven cord as seen at the bottom in the photograph.

The Stars are arranged in a medallion pattern with a large center star which his typical for 1876 Centennial flags.

Made of heavy weight cotton.

Circa 1870-1900

Very unusual piece which would be great for you Americana, Folk Art or Flag collection.

Rarity Rating: On our authentic antique American Flags.

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Rated on a scale of 1 to 10
10 being the most rare.

This item rates a [ 6 ]

For example,
[ 1 ] Rated items are our lowest price items.
[ 10 ] Rated items are rare and the highest price we offer.

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Each flag comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
We only sell authentic genuine antique American Flags.
All framed flags have high quality professional museum,
framing, wood frames, all acid free, w/UV acrylic protection.

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#10617  Guaranteed Authentic.

Flag Size:29"x35"
Frame Size:33"x39"

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